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Meet William and Marci – their journey began with the Southern Colorado Farmers Market and Craft Fair in 2020, when they facilitated the market’s acceptance of SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks, marking a historic shift toward greater accessibility for locally grown and produced foods.

In the subsequent years, William and Marci assumed more significant management roles, fostering relationships with vendors and shoppers. Beyond the market, William wears multiple hats, handling logistics not only for the Pueblo Farmers Market but also for the Eastside Action Support Team, all while managing a full-time job. His commitment to community well-being extends far beyond the market’s borders. The natural progression in their journey occurred when Greg retired from the Farmers Market to focus on his tavern, the Broadway Tavern and Grill, prompting William and Marci to complete the transition seamlessly. Their story is one of shared values, tireless commitment, and a comprehensive approach to community development.

Marci, a Regional Food Coordinator contracted with Hunger Free Colorado, plays a pivotal role in promoting and implementing Healthy School Meals for All. Her influence extends to various organizations, including the Governor’s Food System Advisory Council, Nourish CO Advisory Board, and membership in the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union. As the president of the Eastside Action Support Team, Marci actively engages in human empowerment, community revitalization, and ensuring permanent food access for Pueblo’s east side.

Together, they continue to foster positive change in Pueblo through initiatives that transcend mere market management and encompass the broader realms of food access, community empowerment, and local entrepreneurship support.

our mission

The Mission Of Pueblo Farmers Market

At Pueblo Farmers Market, our mission is deeply rooted in the values of access to local food, community engagement, and entrepreneurship. We were inspired to start this venture out of a passion for fostering connections between local farmers, entrepreneurs, and the community at large.
We strive to create an environment where everyone feels not only welcome but truly included – a place where people are nourished, celebrated, and empowered. Our commitment to promoting food sovereignty and supporting local businesses is at the heart of everything we do.
We believe in the power of community engagement to build strong, resilient bonds and enhance the overall well-being of our community. By providing access to fresh, locally sourced produce, we aim to contribute to the health and sustainability of both individuals and the environment.
At PFM, we do what we do because we are driven by a genuine passion for fostering community connections, promoting local food, supporting entrepreneurship, and empowering individuals. Join us on this journey as we work together to create a thriving and vibrant community that celebrates the richness of local agriculture and entrepreneurship.


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