Where is the market located?

Fridays: 1500 N Santa Fe Ave (Mineral Palace Park, large lot behind the pool), Pueblo, CO

Saturdays: 2300 E. 10th Street (The old Spann Elementary School), Pueblo, CO

What time do you open?

7:30a on Fridays, July and August
8:00a on Fridays, September and October
4:00p on Saturdays

Why don’t you stay open longer, so I can sleep in and still support?

Produce is delicate and in the sun it wilts fast. Once harvested, the countdown is definitely on! 

Why don’t you have anybody local selling produce?

This is an excellent question. All of our produce vendors are local. Some of them grow what they sell and some source from our local farms that don’t have the capacity to bring their products to Pueblo Farmers Market. 

Fun Fact: Colorado Department of Agriculture and USDA definition of local is within 400 miles or the same state. This is why we are able to have local favorites from outside Pueblo such as Palisade peaches and Rocky Ford melons. 
While it is not unusual to purchase produce from familiar names at Pueblo Farmers Market we are always looking to bring in more produce. If you grow or know someone that does and wants to sell their produce or cottage foods contact us here.

I can go to the grocery store and pay less for the same thing, so why should I shop at the farmers market?

We could go to the grocery store and maybe pay less for similar food. Is it really the same thing, though? When was it picked? Who picked it? Were they paid a decent wage? What are their living conditions? Can they afford to eat the same foods they harvested for the grocery store.

Do you accept SNAP/ EBT food?


Do you accept Double Up Food Bucks?

Absolutely – we double up to $20 / day

Do you accept WIC / eWIC?

Not regular WIC, on your card, but WIC FMNP.


Do you accept WIC vouchers?

Yes, WIC FMNP vouchers that are mailed.


Do you accept credit and debit?

Many of the vendors accept credit / debit cards

Do you accept payment apps?

Our vendors may accept payment through popular apps like Square, Clover, Venmo, CashApp, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and more!

What’s with the Lake Ave address showing up on Google?

Lake Avenue is our headquarters address, future home of our Indoor Market during fall / winter.

Here are the market locations:
Friday: 1500 N Santa Fe Ave (Mineral Palace Park), Pueblo, CO
Saturday: 2300 E. 10th Street (The old Spann Elementary School), Pueblo, CO

Why don’t you put the booths on the grass, so they are in the shade?

We want our whole community to visit PFM. Being on the grass is not very accessible for strollers, wheelchairs, wagons, walkers, to name a few. Not to mention we want to honor the hard work of our Parks and Recreation departments by not trampling the grass.

Why don’t you move to a better location?

In a nutshell, moving isn’t a simple decision (or process) for us. It’s about keeping our roots, making things easy for our farmers, vendors and shoppers, and navigating the challenges of change while staying true to what makes Pueblo Farmers Market special. Each market is like a unique family, and what might look like a “better” spot has to fit our family’s needs and priorities.